I'm Alexandar.

My name is Aleksandar Petrovic and I am master graphic designer. On graphic design I am not just looking like on a job. It is also my passion and something for what I am born. I am always saying that Graphic Design creative job is, and a man need first of all talent for it, and shurelly later comes routine and quality.

Nordeus Hackathon

Nordeus Hackathon 2013. International Competition in Making Video Games. As a Graphic Designer I have worked on the general look and design of the visual part. After hard work I and my team have won the 3rd place. Great experience as students and it has been a big pleasure to be part of such amazing Competition.

Microsoft Imagine Cup

Every year Microsoft organizes Imagine Cup for people which want to show their creativity in their business area, for pople which love to compete. As a graphic designer of the The Lab of Dreams Team I have worked on visual design of our project and we have won the 1st place of the National Microsoft Imagine Cup. Such a honor to be part of this amazing competition.