Every project I work on I give my best to produce something new, remarkable and unique. Something that represents business thematic on the best way and that people will remember.

Ebox Logistic

Ebox Logistic is a company which is providing services for all delivery services and its customers. Providing their services world wide with their automatized parcel lockers.

Arganics Oil

Arganics is an oil producer from arganic fruits based in Canada. Producing all king of healthy products for people that want quality.

Digital Office

Digital office is a mobile and desktop app which allows users to manage, review and create documents, manage their business on easy and simple way.

Avandsors Vodka

Avandsors is a vodka producer. Designing strong and luxury logo design was the first step of this project. After client made decision on that we moved packaging, label and other elements.

Agrosuperior Group

Agricultural company based in the USA. The business is located in Colombia. Raise different type of fishes, raise corn ect. This project contains logo design, visual identity and branding.

Mission Beard

Missionbeard is a company which is producing all kind of beard products, like oil, shampoo and simillar for people which love luxurious and elegant look.

Sneepz Total

Sneeepz total is a New Zeland matress producer. Working on this project took time as we have worked on a lot elemts. First part of this project was to create visual identity, logo design.

Blue Fox Notes

Blue fox notes is a platform for doctors and patients which provides termins, overview,reservation and contacts. This project was a long proces where we made the perfect match.


Seatronics fire protection services is a company which is specialized in all kind of fire protection products, services and help. They are working on production of their own devices.

Claw Machine

Claw machine is a mobile video game, which is simulation of Claw Machines with interesting adons and game elements. With a lot of improvements and modification this game is first of all interesting and visualy atractive.

Green Eagle

Green eagle is a company which is focused on renewable energy like pannels and wind. Beautiful shape, aesthetic and colours like in this case where the perfect match.

Protein 10

Protein 10 is an Australian company which is producing all kind of protein products for people that want quality and health. It all started with the wining design on 99 designs.

Gorilla King

Gorilla king illustration as a character or mascot is mainly designed for many purposes. It can be used as in print also for digital. Examples are like video games, cartoon, tshirts and simillar.


Zkyon is a platform that enables creators such as bloggers and vloggers to reach out to their fans and monetize their content by simply putting a price tag on it.


Morecroft contractors is a company based in New Zeland with which I have worked few times. We have been working on the entire brand strategy from visual identity, logo design, print and digital.

Big Bear

This project was based on creating an Illustration – logo design for an hockey team. Design requerements were to have Bear mascot character connected with the hockey theme.


Ipledge is an invest platform which allows everybody to invest and profit. In this case I have been angaged to work on the UX design, UI design, logo design.web and mobile app.

Logi Maps GPS

Logi maps Gps is a company which is working on GPS sistem for tracking and overview in auto industry. Working on this project contained logo design, visual identity and other visual elements.

Square Lemon

Square lemon is an app which is mainly made for people who want to better organize their time and work. Te client wanted simple and minimalistic design that will be catchy and easy to use in print and digital.


Kunskapsbanken is a Swedish online course which is providing informations, learning sistem and also tests. Working on this project included website design with other visual elements.

Treniraj Um

Treniraj Um is an organisation which is working with all kind of sportist on their mental strenght. Working on this project contained web design, logo design and other visual elements.

FS Seasons

Fortnite Seasons is a famous YouTube chanel with milions of subscribers. As the chanel is inspired with the gaming, the design idea was to represent that feel and visualy to look catchy and remarkable.